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Oliver Middle Prep: redone & rededicated 10 years later to the day!


It was back on October 28, 2004 that Oliver Middle School was first dedicated to the community.Ten years later - to the day - Oliver Middle Prep has been redesigned, reconstructed and rededicated.

Metro Schools are a mirror of the explosive growth that we have seen in Davidson County, especially in the very diverse neighborhoods of South Nashville. Oliver Middle Prep needed a massive new addition to be able to house nearly 900 students. Before the addition, 7 portable buildings were needed to handle the overflow. Thanks to a $3.7 million dollar appropriation from the city, more than 22,000 square feet was added to an impressive 111,000 square feet total.

The new construction included nine new classrooms, four offices, two group restrooms, storage rooms and an expanded parking lot. The eighth grade student ambassadors pointed out that they envy the new addition mostly because it has larger lockers for the newly added fifth and seventh grade hallways.


The biggest addition of all is a HUGE new band room!


This band room is bigger than most because nearly HALF of the student body is enrolled in band.


Before this addition, if the entire band assembled together it would have violated fire codes.


There are also ensemble rooms and smaller practice rooms which students say have the added benefit of being completely soundproof allowing them to play as loud as they want without disrupting anyone.


The Oliver Band sign outside is also impressive. Look closely...


It is made out of old sheets of music.


Paw prints have been spray painted onto the floors to help keep the youngest bulldogs walking in the right direction. As my ambassador told me, "I ran into the wall several times when I was younger!"


Now, like the band, the entire student body of Oliver Middle can work together again under one roof.