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Extreme Makeover: Edition

It's been a long time coming, but we've been working hard on launching the new Metro Schools websites. This is not just the district home page or a few programs. Every school is getting a new digital home.

This is no doubt welcome news to many, many, many of you out there.

FRIDAY we turn the switch on the new We've been working for months to migrate thousands of pages ,and our work is still not complete.

The front end will look a little different, but it's whats under the hood where it counts.

The sites are designed to be...

  • Mobile Phone Friendly

We know 47% of you use your phones to check in with us!


  • Customized for Parents, Staff, & Facility

This feature will be activated soon to allow schools a direct line of communication between schools and families. When you visit your school site, the content you see will be customized for your child and your classes. Parent involvement is critical and we are working to provide a simple, single point of access to all of the information students and families need.

Starting tomorrow, and a handful of school sites will begin sporting the new look. In the weeks to come, more schools will come online.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of dozens of people in the Communications Department, IT, Learning Technology and - of course - the teachers and school staff who keep school websites up to date. Thank you!