There's a real museum inside Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary

Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary takes it identity as a museum school very seriously. IMG_0787

The school cut the ribbon on its very own museum back in September with its first exhibit, Robert Churchwell: The Jackie Robinson of Journalism. This exhibit interpreted the life and times of the school’s namesake, helping students understand why the school is named after Mr. Churchwell and why he is such an important person.

In conjunction with the exhibit, the school hosted an assembly on Robert Churchwell’s birthday, September 9. Mr. Robert Churchwell Jr., who works at the school, helped to teach students about his father’s accomplishments.


The school’s latest exhibit is called The Art of Beth Inglish, which opened last month in honor of Artober. This exhibit is a retrospective of the local artist’s work and allows student to explore her creative process. Ms. Inglish interacted with students on a gallery walk and shared her personal journey to becoming an artist. Afterward, students began exploring their own creative process following the same method as Ms. Inglish. She had students focus on a certain emotion while using colors and brushstrokes to portray that feeling on canvas. The resulting student paintings are now featured as part of the exhibit.


This exhibit will be celebrated with a closing assembly and reception on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 8:30 a.m.

Join them! You are invited to attend and see the creative work that Ms. Inglish and Churchwell students have been working on together.


The next exhibit, Holidays around the World, will open Monday, Nov. 24. This exhibit will feature student art work based on specific holidays celebrated in South Africa, Mexico, China, Israel, and Australia. Students have been investigating cultural customs and traditions, as well as the creative process in art classes.

The public is always invited to visit Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary to view any of its exhibits.

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Upcoming exhibits...

  • October 15 — November 18 - The Art of Beth Inglish
  • November 24 — January 2 - Holidays Around the World
  •  January 13 — February 27 - Celebrating Black History Month
  • March 9 — April 17 - Celebrating Women’s History Month
  • April 27 — May 27 - A Year in the Life of RCMMES