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Stay warm! Metro Schools and parents are preparing for cold

Nature is not our friend this week. If it isn't the flu, it's the cold. This week, we are anticipating extremely cold weather. It's important for all of us to take precautions to stay safe (and comfortable) when the temperatures drop into single digits.

Dress Warmly and Prepare for Cold Wear a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and whatever else you have to stay warm. If your child rides the bus, prepare for a chilly bus stop and minimize time outside when possible. If you can, wait with your child in a car or other warm shelter until the bus arrives. Though they have heaters on board, the bus ride may be a little colder than normal, too, so keep that coat on.

Your child might also need a jacket at school. Even when the heat is working at 100% capacity, it might still be a little cooler than normal in the classroom. A light jacket is a good idea.

We Will Prepare the Buses Extreme cold can cause problems for cars and buses, so we're taking extra steps to make sure the buses are ready and rolling on time. Drivers will arrive at their buses up to an hour early to start them and check for any cold-related issues. If they have trouble, they can call one of eight repair trucks stationed around Nashville to come to the rescue.

Our Transportation team has done heater inspections for all buses and will be fully staffed and ready for any issues that may pop up. In other words, we are making every effort to make sure buses run on time despite of the cold.

Heat at Your School Our HVAC repair crew is hard at work all the time. They are constantly monitoring the heating units in their buildings, including doing hands-on checksĀ to make sure they are working properly. When problems do occur, they are addressed as quickly as possible.

Finally, keep a close eye on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on the weather. If you have questions about your bus, call the Metro Schools Customer Service Center at 259-INFO (4636). Stay warm!