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Hillwood High School cheerleaders headed to nationals!

Everyone gather round, clap your hands and give a big cheer for the Hillwood cheerleaders. They are going to the National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando! This is not their first time to be invited, but it is the first time they will actually get to go. That's because the parents and teachers banded together and raised nearly $4,000 (so far!) to pay for the trip. Talk about community support! These ladies are positively loved by Hillwood families and supporters.

Cheering is not their only passion, though. Cheer coach and history teacher Amber Walker pushes her students academically just as hard as she does on the squad. In fact, every senior cheerleader is headed to college, many of them with scholarships. One is even headed to Harvard!

See a little bit of their award-winning action and learn more about this tremendous accomplishment in this NewsChannel5 story that aired last Sunday.

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