Local artist readies exhibit at Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School

Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School has an actual museum right inside the school - and it's completely open to the public. They have rotating art exhibits, like this one from local artist Beth Inglish that was on display last semester, as well as loads of student art. Churchwell faculty and students now invite the public to the opening of its newest exhibit, Listen, Write, Create: The Artistic Process of Omari Booker, Tuesday, February 10 at 8:30am. The exhibit features over 15 paintings by local artist, Omari Booker, but is much more than an art exhibit.

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Mr. Booker has been working with Mr. Neugebauer’s third grade classroom in writing, music, and art classes. The first day students met Mr. Booker, they were mesmerized by his height (6’ 7”) and immediately asked if he played basketball. He shared that he had played on the Montgomery Bell Academy and Belmont University basketball teams; but he also told the boys that he discovered and studied art while a student. In fact, Mr. Booker earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Tennessee State University in 2014.

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It’s important to Mr. Booker that he shows the students how they can dream beyond becoming professional basketball players or other professional athletes. He believes there are many opportunities available, and they all begin with listening, writing and creativity. He has shared many of his musical influences that inspire him to write poetry. After transforming the musical inspirations into poetic verse, Mr. Booker transforms his writing into artistic expressions using charcoal, chalk pastels, acrylic or oil paints. He is walking the boys through this same creative process as they invent their own works of art.

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The students’ artwork will be on exhibit along with Mr. Booker’s at the school from February 10 until March 27, 2015. The exhibit will open with an 8:30am assembly and tour of the exhibit with the artists (Mr. Booker and students) followed by a reception in the library.

Mr. Booker showcases his talent in galleries across the city including the Fontaine Gallery, Rymer Gallery, Hiram van Goran Gallery and the Avon Williams Campus Library. His paintings have also appeared at Landmark Booksellers in downtown Franklin, Sunset Grill and the Cave performance venue in the Gulch.

The public is always invited to visit Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary to view any of its temporary exhibits. For additional information, follow Churchwell and John Early Museum Magnet Middle Prep on Twitter, Facebook, and the web:

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