Local business leaders talk about the future with kids at Napier Elementary

From Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee:

More than 250 students at Napier Elementary School in the Metro Nashville Public School System explored the concept of their vital role in family and community last Thursday, January 29th. Through an initiative called JA in a Day, Board Members and staff of Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee volunteered in 17 classrooms, serving as mentors for students. The volunteers delivered Junior Achievement’s curriculum designed to help young people understand the connection between school and the real-world, sharing their own stories and experiences to help the students see the importance of education.

“I’ve taught in classrooms as part of Junior Achievement for more than a dozen years and in several different states, but Napier Elementary was unlike any other. It was definitely one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had, but at the same time one of the most rewarding. The children were eager to learn and cherished the time we spent with them, and I left knowing that perhaps the kids that needed the support of Junior Achievement and its concepts the most were also the most appreciative” said Kyle Bazemore, JA Board Member and Senior Manager at Infiniti USA Communications.

Kyle Bazemore of Infiniti Volunteers in a Second Grade Classroom

Tyra Harris-Thompson, Instructional Coach at Napier Elementary said, “‘JA in a Day’ for our school was a huge success! JA’s curriculum was appropriate and engaging for our younger students. The children were excited about all the activities and asked when the volunteers would visit again. As an instructional leader, I am encouraged about what outside partners can bring to the table for schools. JA brought in educational and real-world experiences to our students. Thank you, Junior Achievement for your hard work and dedication.”

Yonnie Chesley of H2U Volunteers in a Second Grade Classroom

Junior Achievement develops and provides hands-on programming that connects what students are learning in the classroom to the real-world. Offered to students in kindergarten through high school, JA programs combine discussions and group activities into lessons that help students understand the important role education plays in a successful future. JA in a Day combines all five lessons of JA’s elementary school programming into one day, instead of spreading the lessons out over several weeks.

Ryan Gallagher of InfoWorks Volunteers in a Kindergarten Classroom

Brit Boatright, JA Board Chairman and Nashville Area President of FirstBank said, “It is always special for me to spend time in the classroom to recommit to the mission of JA. Watching the kids soak up the message of basic economics, coupled with staying in school to get the best education possible, is always rewarding.”

Brit Boatright of FirstBank Volunteers in a First Grade Classroom

Junior Achievement hosts other JA in a Day programs throughout Middle Tennessee. Companies and schools interested in participating should contact JA Director of Programs Elizabeth Carroll at 615.627.1185 or elizabethc@janash.com.

JA Board Members Volunteer at Napier Elementary