This video easily explains how Metro Schools uses student data

We talk a lot of about data in Metro Schools. A LOT. But what does it really mean? How does student data help teachers make decisions about instruction and help the district make decisions about programming? And what does any of that have to do with parents?

Let's take a look:

The Data Quality Campaign (DQC), a national non-profit dedicated to educational improvement through high-quality data, produced this video to shine a spotlight on the data practices here at Metro Schools. We have been working with them for quite some time on district best practices, and they see our work as a model for other districts to follow.

In particular, the DQC believes these four innovative practices are helping educators and families use data to improve outcomes for students:

  1. Support and Intervention Team Meetings: Common planning time for teachers and support staff to discuss student data;
  2. Student Data Chats: Time for students to discuss their own data with their teachers and school principals;
  3. Parent Data Chats: Evening events for parents to learn how to access and interpret their children’s data and how they can help at home; and
  4. Data Sharing with Afterschool: Sharing data with afterschool providers so they can be true partners in student success.

Look for more of these videos in the coming weeks to learn more about how we use data and how it has become a vital part of how we serve students.

In the meantime, visit the DQC website to learn more about what they do and our work together.