Your spring break plans just got much easier

Cold? Okay, that's a silly question. Of course it's cold. But not to worry. Spring break is just over the horizon.

What is your teenager doing for spring break? If you dread seeing him or her on the couch for the duration, let’s talk about doing something productive with a week off from school.

How about a Hands on Nashville project? They’re looking for young people ages 11-18 to sign up for Hands on Spring Break:

Make your spring break memorable AND meaningful by joining us for Hands On Spring Break 2015. Open to youth ages 11 to 18, participants will have a blast making a difference in our community. Choose from many different activities including:

  • make improvements on a home to make it more energy efficient
  • pack food bags and medical supplies to help people in need
  • prepare meals for men and women who are experiencing homelessness
  • ...and much more!

Hands on Nashville They have events planned for every day during spring break (and intersession!), so there’s no reason to not get involved.

Sign up!