Bailey STEM Magnet Middle teacher wins Tennessee regional Teacher of the Year

Photo courtesy of Vanderbilt University News

Many congratulations are due to Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School teacher Whitney Bradley, who is winning teaching awards left and right. Most recently, she was named Teacher of the Year for Tennessee's Mid-Cumberland region!

After being named Teacher of the Year at her school and then a finalist for district-wide Middle School Teacher of the Year, Ms. Bradley continues her hot streak with the state-level honor. She is one of just three winners from the Mid-Cumberland region, and now she will go on to the next level, which is competing for Tennessee Teacher of the Year. The region contains 16 school systems, so being chosen as a regional representative is quite an honor.

Ms. Bradley is an instructional leader at Bailey, allowing her to both work with students and help mentor and lead a group of her colleagues to improve instructional practice. Learn more about Ms. Bradley and how the instructional leader concept works at Bailey in this article from Vanderbilt University.