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Andrew Jackson Elementary unifies for Autism Acceptance in an amazing photograph

by Becky Brewster, member of the Metro Schools Autism Team Photo curtesy of Andrew Jackson Elementary School, Autism Acceptance Month kickoff event

Have you ever heard the term, “school culture”?

School culture generally refers to the beliefs, perceptions, relationships, attitudes and the written and unwritten rules that influence every aspect of how a school functions. Positive school cultures are conducive to professional satisfaction, morale, effectiveness, as well as student learning, well-being and fulfillment.

Here at Metro Schools, we strive to make the culture of every school positive for the students and staff. In April, Autism Acceptance Month, many schools across the district are taking a stand to educate the staff and students about Autism and how to effectively include students on the spectrum in all aspects of the school culture.

One of these schools is Andrew Jackson Elementary School.

Andrew Jackson ES is the learning environment to at least 15 students with a diagnosis of Autism. Their involvement and acceptance at the school is very important to their learning and to the learning of all students at the school. Andrew Jackson kicked off Autism Acceptance Month as a school-wide event, including staff and students in their initial event to get the entire school involved.

They called it “Lighting it up blue" and had staff and students wear blue in solidarity of Autism Acceptance. The staff and students formed a ribbon and took a picture for their website.

This month, the teachers, staff and volunteers will be reading books, watching short videos and having open discussions with their students to help raise awareness of Autism: what it is, what it isn’t and how students can help be a friend to the peers within their community that have Autism.  It’s very exciting to have an entire school open to learning and sharing knowledge about Autism in both the staff and students.

Curious about your school and their efforts to raise acceptance of students with Autism? Just ask.

Metro Schools thrives on the importance of acceptance and inclusion of all students. Join the conversation, get involved, be aware, be accepting.