Metro Schools strengthening community engagement through partnership with Nextdoor

Metro Schools is the first school district in the nation to partner with Nextdoor

Metro Schools is forging a new path in community engagement as the first ever school district to officially partner with Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods that is widely used across Nashville. Starting today, Metro Schools will use Nextdoor to inform residents – both parents and non-parents – of school news, announcements and activities on a neighborhood level. The district joins the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods on the social network, which partnered with Nextdoor in June 2013.

“Metro schools are next door to everyone, and we are dedicated to being good neighbors,” said Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register. “We strive to use every channel available to us to reach and engage the community. Nextdoor presents us with a targeted way to reach thousands of people, whether they have a child in Metro Schools or not, who are actively involved in bettering their communities. Working together with these neighbors, we can accomplish a great deal.”

With Nextdoor, Nashville residents can create private neighborhood websites to share information with one another like events, crime and safety updates, local recommendations and even lost pets. Metro Schools will use Nextdoor to send relevant information to Nextdoor neighborhoods within the city.

“Nextdoor has helped us connect with tens of thousands of Nashville residents by giving the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods another convenient and free way to engage with people on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood level,” said Mayor Karl Dean. “I am proud that Metro Schools is the first district in the nation to take full advantage of Nextdoor. I appreciate any tool that results in greater community involvement in our schools and awareness of the wonderful things happening in them.”

Visit the Metro Schools Nextdoor site.

District staff will be able to use Nextdoor regularly to inform residents of important meetings and news happening at the schools in their neighborhoods. This includes major changes like school siting and zoning that can have significant impacts on surrounding communities. Family involvement specialists – employees dedicated to family outreach and support in the district’s geographic clusters – will have access to post about school events, needs and good news on a cluster level. Eventually, school principals will also have access to post on behalf of their schools.

“We admire how the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods is using Nextdoor and want to emulate it,” said Dr. Register. “The website has mapped out the entire city by school zones so we can very specifically reach people who live within them. It’s another great tool in our toolbox to help us strengthen community engagement, particularly around the issues that matter to neighbors the most.”

Nextdoor is free for residents and Metro Schools. Each Nashville neighborhood has its own private Nextdoor neighborhood website, accessible only to residents of that neighborhood. Neighborhoods establish and self-manage their own Nextdoor website and Metro Schools will not be able to access residents’ websites, contact information or content. All members must verify that they live within the neighborhood before joining Nextdoor. Information shared on Nextdoor is password protected and cannot be accessed by Google or other search engines.

Those interested in joining their neighborhood’s Nextdoor website can visit and enter their address. If residents have questions about their Nextdoor website, please visit