The new leader of the Parent Advisory Council wants to see you

As a parent, do you look for more ways to get involved and have a voice in Metro Schools? Do you ever wonder who is speaking for you in important matters that affect your kids and your schools? Then meet the PAC.

PAC (Parent Advisory Council) elected new leadership this month and is preparing for a great year ahead. And though the end of the school year is close, it’s not too late for you to get involved right now.

New PAC Chair Stephanie Spear wants you to go to a PAC meeting and use your voice to make a difference.

I want to increase parent involvement across the district. It’s not nearly to the level it needs to be. Once we get parents in the door, it’s great. But first we have to bring more of them in.

Parents know things administrators don’t. We tell them about issues and concerns from a different perspective, issues that affect parents and kids as a whole. I hope parents tell us what we need to improve. Without knowing what the issues are, we can’t fix them.

I have been with PAC for three years, starting in the Cane Ridge cluster. Now I am chair of the McGavock Cluster. I am a mom of two at Dodson Elementary, including my youngest with autism, and one at Meigs Middle Magnet. So I have a lot of different perspectives on Metro Schools.

I wanted to become chair because I want to accomplish some specific goals. I want parents to know who we are and what we do. As more parents get involved on the district level, they will also get more involved at the school level. That is where they can make a real difference for students.

I urge parents to come to PAC meetings in their cluster and as a district and speak up. Do not be afraid to talk and give your opinions.. Metro is a big, big organization. Trying to figure it all out and make real improvements is a big, big job. Working together, we can make that easier for all parents.

The last cluster PAC meetings of the year are May 14. Here is a list of times and locations. Keep up with PAC over the summer and next school year on

The PAC Leadership Team for 2015-16 is:

  • Stephanie Spear, Chair
  • Barry Barlow, Vice Chair
  • John Little, Secretary