Donelson community coming together to beautify McGavock High School

Isn't it great what a community can do when they come together for schools?

Today the Donelson Gateway Project announced the official kickoff of the McGavock High School Beautification Initiative. This project will enhance the east entrance of McGavock High School by planting 16 river birch, 6 crepe myrtles and dozens of holly, azalea and daisies. The landscaping upgrade will provide a fresh look to the school and complement the remarkable academic successes that have been achieved over the past several years under the leadership of Executive Principal Robbin Wall, which prompted a visit by President Barack Obama in January 2014 to showcase it as a model to the country.


The Donelson Gateway Project is now looking to raise $10,000 for this phase by the fall planting season. Donations to the McGavock beautification project can be made at

The following organizations have already pledged their support:

  • CMT
  • Dale & Associates
  • Hip Donelson
  • HJL Management
  • Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

McGavock High School Front Landscape Plan 4.20.2015

The Donelson Gateway Project began as an initiative to create physical landscaped gateways into the Donelson community. Having achieved that, the DGP has expanded to enhance more figurative gateways. Those projects have included the Donelson Library, Two Rivers Middle School, Hickman Elementary and McGavock Elementary. It is only fitting that the Donelson Gateway Project, along with community support, turn its efforts to McGavock High School, the educational center piece for Donelson. There are many young families moving to Donelson and that first impression of our schools is a critical selling point when they are considering where to call home.