Fundraiser Alert: Save money and donate money to schools all at the same time.

How can you save money on your family budget and give back to a deserving Metro school? PENCIL Foundation has made it easy. The answer (duh.) is a coupon book! Yeah, yeah, we know. You've seen the coupon books for sale at some schools. But this one is different. It's a wholly original book produced by the PENCIL Foundation specifically for Metro Schools.

PENCIL Pocket Saver

Click here to buy one!

The new PENCIL Pocket $aver includes money-saving deals from merchants all across Nashville (see the list here), such as a free trial class at the Nashville Ballet School, a free doughnut at Fox's Donut Den, a $5 discount at Applebee’s, and buy-one-get-one free deals on admissions to the Frist Center, Belmont Mansion and Vanderbilt women's basketball games. There’s also a travel section with discounts for Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge!

So how is it different?

  1. Price - This book is just $10.
  2. Schools get to keep $7 of that $10 price. That's a higher percentage than schools earn from almost all other fundraisers.

Sales continue through Sept. 21 at about 40 participating Metro schools (see the list here). 

Many thanks to the PENCIL Pocket $aver sponsors whose support helps us keep the price of the coupon books so low and earmark so much of the revenue for schools. Sponsors include HCA TriStar Health, Aegis Sciences Foundation, Creative Artists Agency, DK Brand Strategy, LP Building Products and the Ryman Hospitality Properties Foundation.

Because PENCIL is a nonprofit organization, the remaining $3 goes back into the community to support PENCIL programs such as LP PENCIL Box (our free school supply center for teachers) and free background checks for school volunteers, with a small portion used to pay for production costs.

If you prefer, you can also order your coupon book  at the secure PENCIL Pocket $aver page.

Remember: The Pocket $aver is a great way to help students, help schools, help PENCIL provide much-needed programs and help yourself enjoy some fantastic bargains. Thank you!