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7,000 Freshmen will explore careers on November 12

Maplewood083_(IMG_6949) When Joe Biden was speaking at the National League of Cities event in Nashville last week, he mentioned that 6 out of every 10 jobs will require more than a high school education, with sharp demand for IT workers, registered nurses and advanced manufacturing credentials. There are many careers that are currently in demand and Metro Schools is bringing an awareness to high school freshman about these careers, so that they can talk with local professionals about what they're interested in and see the relevance of their studies.

The Shoney’s My Future, My Way Metro School's Career Exploration Fair, set for Thursday, November 12, provides an avenue for high school freshmen in Nashville schools to explore a breadth of career areas. As opposed to a Job Fair where students visit companies, the career fair allows companies to work together to represent career areas for students to explore.

It's also a really important time for freshman to plug into their career interest since the majority of dropouts occur during the freshman year. At the fair, students will participate in hands-on activities and have the option of completing generic interviews in-person and through social media using the hashtag #career15.

"The generosity of our business partners in donating their time, space, and equipment is greatly appreciated and will ultimately ensure the success and lasting impact of the Career Exploration Fair," said Beverley Flatt, Academies of Nashville program manager.

The fair will host approximately 7,000 freshmen from the Academies of Nashville, the Magnets of Nashville, Non-Traditional High Schools, and Charter High Schools  at the Music City Center. Exhibitors from the district's five Partnership Councils will represent the following industry areas:

  1. Arts/Media/Communications
  2. Health and Public Services
  3. Hospitality/Tourism
  4. Business/Marketing/IT
  5. Engineering/Manufacturing/Industrial Technology

For more information about the Shoney’s My Future, My Way Career Exploration Fair call 615-259-4636 (INFO).