So you filled out the Optional Schools Application. Now what?

school-choice-2016-2017-mnps You completed the Optional Schools Application. You're not done yet, so let's take a look at the next steps.

Selection Day is on Friday,  January 15. A third party runs the random selection of students that assigns students to schools based on the choices made on the Optional Schools application.

Acceptance letters are mailed home on Wednesday, January 20. Your letter will tell you what schools you have been accepted to and which schools you are on the wait list for.

Take another tour if you want. Walkthrough Tuesdays will be held on January 19 and 26 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

"A lot of parents have voiced to our enrollment specialists that the Walkthrough Tuesdays in January have helped them revise their choices," said Tim Chua, a Metro Schools School Options Specialist. Parents can learn more about the programs and structure of a schools they have chosen beyond the data or something they have read on the school's website.

Return your acceptance letter. The deadline for acceptance letters is February 5.

Acceptance letters are mailed to the home listed on the Optional School Application, but if you provided an email address, a PDF of the acceptance letter is emailed to you that explains how to accept the school you have chosen using the student identification number, student's date of birth and student last name.

The Office of School Options does four "pulls" between January and mid-July.

What's a pull?

That's when students are "pulled" from wait lists to fill new vacancies in high-demand schools. It's another opportunity for students to get into the schools they wanted.

Each pull determines an estimated number of vacancies that are available for a school and pulls students from an existing waiting list, assigning that student a position.

If you are still waiting on another choice or higher priority school that was on your Optional Schools application, wait for the 1st Pull Acceptance Letter, which will be mailed on Wednesday, March 2 and must be returned by March 18.

2nd Pull Letters are mailed on Wednesday, April 6 and must be returned on Friday, April 22.

3rd Pull Letters are mailed on Wednesday, June 15 and must be returned by Friday, July 1.

4th Pull Letters are mailed on Wednesday, July 13 and must be returned by Friday, July 29.

You should receive a letter to verify your school assignment for the 2016-2017 school year around mid-May. Your verification letter should be returned to the Office of School Options by May 27.

For the full timeline of events for the Optional Schools process, click here.

Call 615-259-4636 (INFO) for any questions about the School Options process.