Nashville Symphony Orchestra visits J.E. Moss Elementary School

Nashville Symphony Orchestra at JE Moss Elementary February 2016 J.E. Moss Elementary School was delighted by the sounds of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra on Friday, Feb. 12. The symphony orchestra held a free, Young People's concert at the school, featuring the woodwind family of instruments and the works of Ravel, Dvorak, Beethoven and Sousa.

Nashville Symphony Orchestra associate conductor Vinay Parameswaran introduced each woodwind family instrument to the students of J.E. Moss as the orchestra played a short fragment of a work that featured the corresponding instrument.

Maestro Parameswaran even allowed J.E. Moss Principal Anthony Febles to conduct the finale, "Stars and Stripes Forever."

"The PreK through 4th graders were awestruck both aurally and visually with the 61-piece orchestra," Principal Febles said.