TNReady and other state testing for Metro Schools starts in March

We're forging ahead with TNReady, TCAP and end-of-course exams beginning on Wednesday, March 2. These new dates come after the Tennessee Department of Education changed the standardized testing window to accommodate for the change from online to paper and pencil exams.

The new official testing windows in Metro Schools are:

High School Courses

  • TNReady Math and English-Language Arts – March 2-8
  • End-of-Course Exam Social Studies – March 2-8

Elementary and Middle School Courses

  • TNReady Math and English-Language Arts – March 9-15
  • TCAP Social Studies – March 9-15

The second half of TNReady, TCAP and End-of-Course exams are expected to be taken in the last week of April and first week of May.

Department of Education officials tell district leaders the test is the same despite being administered on paper instead of online. They say the questions are comparable and any prior practice tests or preparation will still apply. There will still be a mix of multiple choice and open answer questions, with answer sheets giving students room to show work in math problems and draw graphs. All testing accommodations are still available for students with special needs.

The most significant difference between the online and paper tests, apart from the format, is the flexibility in scheduling. Entire subject areas must now be tested in a single day as opposed to split over the course of two days, as was planned with the online test. This means students will be spending roughly the same amount of time on testing as before, but testing will be done in longer blocks of time across fewer days.

Several resources for parents are available online on the district’s website, including the TNReady Parent Guide, a fully updated testing calendar for the entire school year and several frequently asked questions from the Department of Education.