MLK students secure state's Academic WorldQuest competition title


Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet High School seniors Regan Goodrich and April Townson, sophomore Kevin Gomez and freshman Jocelyn Hartley secured the state Academic WorldQuest title on Feb.21.

WorldQuest is a team-based academic competition that tests high school students' knowledge on international events and foreign policy issues. The competition is hosted by the Tennessee World Affairs Council, a nonprofit educational association.

MLK will represent the Tennessee at the national level WorldQuest competition during the weekend of April 21 in Washington, D.C. MLK's team is advised by Team Coach and AP Human Geography Teacher Catherine Kelly.

“The Martin Luther King High School students were ready and did a great job against very tough competition," said Tennessee World Affairs Council President Patrick Ryan in a Belmont University news release. "This is the first year we had out of state teams compete in our match. The councils in their area didn’t offer WorldQuest and it was easy for us to welcome them. Our objective is to encourage as many people as possible, regardless of state lines, to try to better understand the important issues and challenges America faces in the world."

Read Belmont's full news release here.