Maplewood High School hosts Funding Your Future conference

Maplewood High School and Fifth Third Bank held its first ever Funding Your Future conference on April 28, featuring sessions on financial investing, credit repair, home buying, predatory lending, and retirement planning. The conference was part of Financial Literacy Month.

Bravo TV’s Jewel Tankard, businesswoman and star of the "Thicker Than Water" reality show was the keynote speaker for the conference.

"Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you need to do it," Tankard said to students. "You have to ask yourself, does this bring value to me? Is this making me better? Stronger?"

She challenged students to learn how to develop through pressure, saying that their biggest breakthroughs may come from emotional and mental perseverance through life's trials.

"While you are young and full of ideas, get around other people who are creative, who have strong ideas and provoke you to greatness," said Tankard. "Long-term success comes from making good decisions."

Tankard’s many ventures include the nationally syndicated Jewel Tankard Show and the Millionairess Club, which focuses on mentoring and inspiring others to make positive changes in their lives. The wife of gospel jazz musician Ben Tankard, Tankard is a pastor and business mogul who desires to see people live their dreams by obtaining financial freedom.

See photos from the event below, which feature Jewel Tankard, 101.1 The Beat's on-air personality, Dolewite, and ambassadors from Fifth Third Bank: