School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt announces students accepted for 2016‐2017 school year

Twenty-six students from thirteen area middle schools have been selected for the School for Science and Math Class of 2020. Students were selected from over 160 applicants on the basis of test scores, grades, personal essays, teacher recommendations, and in-person interviews. These students are the tenth cohort to begin the program. These students will meet each week at Vanderbilt University for an entire class day and  participate in a research‐based, hands-on, interdisciplinary curriculum. There is also a summer component and students will graduate after four years having earned seven honors elective course credits.

  • Bismah Aslam Rose Park Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr., High School
  • Felix Bean Goodlettsville Middle School, Hunter's Lane High School
  • Tatum Brown Liberty Collegiate, RePublic High School
  • Edward Cardona West End Middle School, Nashville School for the Arts
  • Maya Diedrich Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr., High  School
  • Dzifa Dumenyo Meigs Middle School, Hume Fogg High School
  • Gabriella Ess John Early Middle School, Hume Fogg High School
  • Dawit Girma STEM Prep Academy, STEM Prep Academy
  • Ismail Habibi Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr., High  School
  • Mohamed Hassan Margaret Allen Middle School, Antioch High School
  • Hannah Hitchcock Croft Middle School, Overton High School
  • Anissa Jayathilake Meigs Middle School, Hume Fogg High School
  • Max Lawrence J.T. Moore Middle School, Hillsboro High School
  • Gretchen Link J.T. Moore Middle School, Hillsboro High School
  • Dominika Medina STEM Prep Academy, STEM Prep Academy
  • Olivia Meek Oliver Middle School, Overton High School
  • Neeraj Namburu Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr., High School
  • Andrew Pelham Meigs Middle School, Hume Fogg High School
  • Bob Qian Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr., High School
  • Charles Rost Meigs Middle School, Hume Fogg High School
  • Mert Sekmen Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr., High  School
  • Alyxis Smith John Early Middle School, Hume Fogg High School
  • David Ware J.T. Moore Middle School, Hillsboro High School
  • Katherine Wright Bellevue Middle School, Hillwood High School
  • Lucas Yarnes Rose Park Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr., High School
  • Charlotte York J.T. Moore Middle School, Hillsboro High School

The School for Science and Math (SSMV) at Vanderbilt is a joint venture between  Vanderbilt University and Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. The SSMV offers high  school students a four‐year, interdisciplinary, research-centered learning experience at one of the nation's most prestigious universities, where internationally recognized faculty are leading the way in diverse fields of scientific study. 

The School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt has received support from a National  Institutes of Health NCRR Science Education Partnership Award, Vanderbilt University, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, and other generous donors.

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