This weekend, Maplewood student artists will showcase skater culture

Maplewood High School student artists will display an exhibition of handmade and reclaimed skateboards this weekend. Maplewood collaborated with Rocketown, Sixth Ave Skatepark and Stansell Electric to create handmade skateboards and reclaimed boards for its first ever skate-art exhibit.

"Students used various saws, router, drill press, steam box and sander to bring their boards back to life with new graphics of their own design. Several students reclaimed 65-year-old planks used as shelves from a kitchen remodel in a nearby house and made them into rideable skateboards," said Maplewood art teacher Michael Mitchell. "We feel that the experiential act of skating can play a part in the reinvention of education. This is what the Maker Movement looks like when everyone is invited."

Students were able to express their ideas through the lens of skateboard culture, creating, "an excitement to get to use a tool they've never used before, and the permission to be part of something that they didn't expect to be part of," Mitchell said.

Students will also present their artified skateboards at Saturday's Youth Music Expo at Rocketown.

Details on the exhibit

Radical Education: Rise of the Maker Movement, an exhibition of work by Maplewood students composed of custom skateboard art from repurposed materials.

Date: Saturday, May 14

Time:  3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Sixth Avenue Skatepark, 601 4th Avenue S., Nashville, TN 37203

View videos and highlights from the skate-art creation process from the @artpanthers on Instagram.