Metro teachers to receive significant salary increase as a result of new pay scale

Metro Nashville Public Schools has unveiled a new salary scale for certificated employees that will result in significant pay increases for many teachers, particularly those with five to 10 years of experience. The new salary scale aligns MNPS salaries with regional market data at key points throughout a teacher’s career. All Metro teachers can look forward to a salary increase on their next paycheck. The new fiscal year budget that started on July 1 includes $10.25 million in additional teacher pay – $3 million more than budgeted last year. Teachers will receive a salary step increase and benefit from the revised pay scale. The operating budget for 2016-17 also includes $2.7 million for support employees to receive step increases on the pay schedule.

“By far, teachers have the most direct impact on individual student success of all the employees in a school system. In order to achieve excellence by design in every classroom every day, we have to have the best and the brightest educators. While culture and leadership also play important roles in teacher recruitment and retention, competitive salaries are absolutely essential,” said Dr. Shawn Joseph, Director of Metro Schools. “I am pleased that our Board prioritized increasing teacher pay in this year’s budget, and I am grateful to Mayor Megan Barry and the Metro Council for funding the request.”

Salaries for new teachers in Nashville have been competitive for the last five years, following a significant increase to starting teacher pay in 2011. However, no other major changes have been made to the district’s pay scale since that time. For the last several years, Metro Schools has instituted across-the-board pay increases in lieu of salary step increases.

The complete pay scales for certificated and support staff were shared via email with employees. Metro Schools employees can access the pay scales online.


Key Highlights of Pay Scale Differences
Step (Years of Experience) (Old) FY15-16 Pay Scale for Teachers with a Bachelors’ Degree (New) FY16-17 Pay Scale for Teachers with a Bachelors’ Degree
0-8 $42,082.10 (no variation other than across-the-board increases in recent years) Ranges from $42,100 for starting teachers to $44,750 for teachers with nine years of experience
10 $44,536.45 $47,000