Teacher from Cora Howe School visits Uganda, trades student art with another principal

Jon Mahaffey, a teacher for the Cora Howe School, visited Uganda during the week of Sept. 13 to participate in the Third Annual Entusi HIV Awareness Music Project Festival. While in Uganda, he had the opportunity to visit the village of Kisiizi. 1

As part of his time spent in the village, Jon was fortunate enough to meet with several of the village’s leaders, including Tumukunde John. Tumukunde John is the principal of Kisiizi Primary School, which serves approximately 500 students in grades P1-P7.


Jon and Tumukunde John exchanged works of art created by students at their respective schools.

“I am excited about the opportunity for our students to share art work with their peers in Uganda,” says Jon. “This experience has allowed our students and staff a glimpse into a different culture. It is my hope that Cora Howe students and Tumukunde John's pupils will realize that despite the difference in cultures, we all share many similarities.”

Jon, along with his travel companions Tom Larson and Brook Sutton, also donated school supplies to eh Kisiizi Primary School while they were there.