Community partners renovate Fall-Hamilton Elementary

[wpvideo QprvTQcR] Fall-Hamilton Elementary received a special surprise when they returned from fall break - a newly renovated front office, lobby and conference room entirely donated from local community partners.

"They thought about the impact our teachers have on a daily basis and decided they deserved something nice," Principal Mathew Portell said to staff when the renovations were revealed on October 10.

"I want the students to know that they matter, and I want the teachers to know that I am truly humbled by their efforts and Mr. Portell’s efforts," said Marsha Mauney, a broker with Zeitlin & Co. Realtors, who was the project's leader. Mauney said she felt called to do something to make a difference in her community and "be the change."

"I would tell others in the Nashville community something that Mayor Berry said to the Zeitlin organization in our company-wide sales meeting this week, when she spoke to us at the City Club. She said there are three things that keep someone out of poverty: a high school education, getting a first job and not having a child until they are financially able to care for him or her. This is based on many studies that they have done. I would tell the community that you may think that this does not affect you, but it does. Everything in our world affects us one way or another, and it may seem overwhelming, but we can do small things to make a difference," Mauney said.

The front office includes a custom-designed wood wall courtesy of ShopGirl, a local interior design firm affiliated with Goodall Homes, which donated all of the furniture for the project.

"Anytime you can refresh something and make it new and better and a warmer, better environment I think it's a win for everybody," said ShopGirl owner Melissa Sisk, who constructed and painted the wood wall concept. "It's amazing what we can accomplish when a group of people come together. That's what makes it a community, when you pull all of your resources together. That's so Nashville."

"I hope it's exciting for them and they will know that the community cares and the people around them care and want them to succeed," said Thomas Hutchinson, owner of Creator's Stone in Nashville, whose company donated and installed new counter tops at Fall-Hamilton. "Hopefully they will know that there are people behind them, encouraging them and cheering them on. We want to see them do well."

View highlights of the Fall-Hamilton renovation below: