Stop! Take Notice (of the great work happening at Hume-Fogg)

On December 19. 2013, Elena Zamora was walking in a crosswalk when she was hit and killed by a tractor trailer. A junior at Hume-Fogg, Zamora was walking with the light, crossing Rosa Parks Boulevard at Church Street, but the driver was not looking for a pedestrian. The tragedy hit home with Hume-Fogg students. The accident inspired them. What started as an art and advocacy project to help them process their feelings turned into an active political advocacy group.

“The loss of Elena Zamora deeply affected our Hume-Fogg family,” said Elizabeth Smith, faculty sponsor of Stop! Take Notice. “The students have taken up the cause of protecting each other and all pedestrians as a way to keep her memory alive.”

[vimeo 187932977 w=640 h=360]

Stop! Take Notice - Spoken Word Poetry | Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay.

As a result, that group has now released a video to remember Zamora and encourage pedestrians and drivers to “Stop!” and acknowledge each other. The video is based on an original poem by former Youth Poet Laureate of Nashville and Hume-Fogg graduate Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay. The videography and editing is by Arif Bashar, Jonathan Warkenitin and other members of Hume Fogg’s class of 2016.

The organization continues to work with Public Works, MTA, Walk Bike Nashville, BPAC and state lawmakers to improve pedestrian safety in Nashville. For more information on Stop! Take Notice and the work the organization is doing, you can visit