Metro Schools’ after-school supper program expands to feed more Nashville youth

Metro Schools continues to provide more wraparound services to students and families with the expansion of its after-school supper program, which addresses hunger at home. after-school-supper-3

The district’s participation in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Child and Adult Care Food Program has more than doubled since the program began, expanding to 35 sites this year. This is the district’s third year participating in the program, growing from 12 sites during the first year.

“In collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club, Nashville After Zone Alliance, YMCA Fun Company and other external providers, we are reaching nearly 2,000 students every afternoon before leaving our schools,” said Jennifer Bell, Metro Schools’ director of extended learning. “After getting breakfast and lunch at no cost, this third meal ensures students are going home with supper and not just snack meals in the evening. It is a full meal, touching all food groups required for a healthy dinner.”


Bell says that as aftercare providers see an uptick in participation, the number of students being served a third meal is also expected to rise.

“By providing after-school supper, our department is empowered to extend its services beyond the normal school day and offer nutritious meal options to students that help promote academic success,” said Spencer Taylor, Metro Schools’ executive director of nutrition services.


Meals will be served to students who are enrolled in the applicable after-school programs immediately upon school dismissal for no cost at the following schools during the 2016-17 school year:

  • Antioch Middle School, 5050 Blue Hole Road, Antioch 37013
  • Apollo Middle School, 631 Richards Road, Antioch 37013
  • Alex Green Elementary School, 3921 Lloyd Road, Whites Creek 37189
  • Amqui Elementary, 319 Anderson Lane, Madison 37115
  • Bellshire Elementary, 1128 Bell Grimes Lane, Nashville 37207
  • Buena Vista Enhanced Option Elementary School, 1531 9th Ave., Nashville 37208
  • Cane Ridge Elementary School, 3884 Ashford Trace, Antioch 37013
  • Croft Design Center Middle Prep, 482 Elysian Fields Road, Nashville 37211
  • Dan Mills Elementary School, 4106 Kennedy Avenue, Nashville 37216
  • Donelson Middle School, 110 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Donelson 37214
  • Eakin Elementary School, 2500 Fairfax Ave, Nashville 37212
  • Glengarry Elementary School, 200 Finley Drive, Nashville 37217
  • Glenview Elementary School, 1020 Patricia Drive, Nashville 37217
  • Goodlettsville Elementary, 514 Donald Street, Goodlettsville 37072
  • Hattie Cotton Elementary School, 1033 West Greenwood Avenue 37206
  • Haywood Elementary School, 3790 Turley Drive, Nashville 37211
  • Hull-Jackson Elementary School, 1015 Kellow Street, Nashville 37208
  • Isaac Litton Middle Prep School, 4601 Hedgewood Drive, Nashville 37216
  • E. Moss Elementary School, 4701 Bowfield Drive, Nashville 37013
  • John Early Museum Magnet Middle Prep, 1000 Cass Street, Nashville 37208
  • Jones Paideia Elementary Magnet School, 1800 9th Avenue North, Nashville 37208
  • Margaret Allen Middle Prep School, 500 Spencer Lane, Nashville 37210
  • McKissack Middle Prep School, 915 38th Ave., North Nashville 37209
  • McMurray Middle Prep School, 520 McMurray Drive, Nashville 37211
  • Meigs Middle Magnet, 713 Ramsey Street, Nashville 37206
  • Napier Enhanced Option Elementary School, 60 Fairfield Drive, Nashville 37210
  • Neely’s Bend Elementary, 1300 Neely's Bend Road, Madison 37115
  • Norman Binkley Elementary School, 4700 Longdale Drive, Nashville 37211
  • Old Center Elementary, 1245 Dickerson Pike South, Goodlettsville 37072
  • Paragon Mills Elementary School, 260 Paragon Mills Rd, Nashville 37211
  • Robert Lillard Elementary, 3200 King's Lane, Nashville 37218
  • Rosebank Elementary School, 1012 Preston Drive, Nashville 37206
  • Taylor Stratton Elementary 310 Old Hickory Blvd.West, Madison 37115
  • Whitsitt Elementary School, 110 Whitsitt Road, Nashville 37210
  • Wright Middle Prep School, 180 McCall Street, Nashville 37211