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Stratford STEM Magnet student creates documentary about the Parthenon

Parthenon Photo While doing an internship with the Parthenon, Dev Bhavsar, a senior at Stratford STEM Magnet, used the opportunity as inspiration for another one of his passions: filmmaking.

Belmont-bound Bhavsar produced a 31-minute documentary-style video, The Lost History of the Parthenon, that explores the history of the Parthenon from ancient times to the present. The film includes in-person and Skype interviews with top scholars, in Greece and the United States.

The music featured in the first half of the film was composed by Nikos Xanthulous, a musician and composer who appeared as a Parthenon Symposium speaker in 2012.

At the annual meeting of the Tennessee Association of Museums on March 15, Bhavsar received a TAM Award of Excellence as well as the prestigious Past Presidents Award, which is selected from all of the Award of Excellence winners in the current year.

Check out the video below.