PASSAGE Nashville initiative receives national attention

Metro Schools' PASSAGE Nashville initiative was recently featured on Brown University's Annenberg Institute for School Reform blog for its work on the MNPS Student-Parent Handbook. The blog featured an interview with Beth Cruz, team leader of the Education Rights Project at the Nashville Defenders, an MNPS parent and a member of the PASSAGE steering committee. In the interview, Cruz discusses how the steering committee of PASSAGE Nashville rewrote the code of conduct for the MNPS Student-Parent Handbook:

The involvement of press, growing momentum, and inclusion of community members helped to make it happen. I have been thankful that the school system invited stakeholders to the table. I and another steering committee member, a court administrator in the juvenile court, were given the opportunity to say, “From our perspective, this is what we’re seeing. Can we talk about why these disparities happen?” That is probably unique among school districts, to leave that door open.

PASSAGE, which stands for "Positive and Safe Schools Advancing Greater Equity," is an action and learning network that aims to examine racial and other disparities in school discipline and find ways to move away from punitive, exclusionary approached that contribute significantly to persistent achievement gaps. Metro Schools participates in PASSAGE along with the three largest school districts in the country: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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Learn more about the MNPS Student-Parent Handbook below: