#MNPSco2017: Ashton Harris, Hillsboro High School

Ashton Harris On November 27, 2016, my family and I were awoken by smoke alarms and the lower half of our house engulfed in flames. We grabbed what we could and sprinted out of the house quickly to keep ourselves safe. As I ran out the door, I called 911 to get the fire department to our home as quickly as possible. The flame rose from the dog house, up through the kitchen, snaked through my brother's room and swallowed the roof. In an effort to keep anyone else in the near community from being hurt, I frantically moved our four cars out of the garage and down the street to various places. Soon after, the roof caved in and the entire house was a multi-story furnace. The fire department arrived and did what they could to cease the fire, but it was a total loss.

Through all of these hectic events, I've decided to stand tall and keep rolling on. From applying to colleges, pushing myself mentally, preparing for college auditions that will dictate what I do the rest of my life, I've had to remain strong. Even through my mother and father's tears, and my brother's emotional, solemn silence, I am pushing myself to continue the journey that is my life to Broadway. To revolutionize The Great White Way, to give back to my entire family and friends for all the help they've given me over the years and to hopefully inspire and open another child's eyes to their dream of entertainment.

-Ashton Harris, Hillsboro High School