#MNPSco2017: Mohamed Muday, Stratford STEM Magnet High School

Mohamed Muday.png Mohamed Muday, a senior at Stratford STEM Magnet, has taken the ACT four times in hopes of earning a score high enough to get into college. He has participated in multiple ACT prep courses and taken countless practice tests.

Despite his hard work, Mohamed scored the same low score the first three times he took the test. When most would be discouraged, Mohamed found the strength to push himself and keep trying.

Last fall Mohamed found more incentive to try even harder with the possibility of college becoming clearer. He dreamed of going to college and wrestling at the collegiate level.

In December, Mohamed got his fourth ACT test score back. He scored a 23 which opened many more doors for him. His dream of attending a four-year university became reality: Mohamed will attend Middle Tennessee State University this fall.