#MNPSco2017: Kathy Trieu, Glencliff High School

Graduation_Social-Media_2017_FacebookAd-2 Glencliff High School's Kathy Trieu was not only a graduating senior; she was a working parent.

"I am amazed by Kathy. Her organizational and time management skills blow me away and are stronger than some of the teachers. She has managed to remain at the top of her class academically, while simultaneously staying involved in many extracurricular activities and raising a daughter, who is currently almost two years old," Glencliff High School counselor Ellen Houston said.

Ranked in the top five percent of her senior class, Kathy's ACT score is ten points higher than the school average score. "Her level of maturity and focus on academics is light years from that of many of her classmates, making her that much more exceptional," Houston said.

Kathy's approach to learning is efficient and direct because as a working mom, she has absolutely no extra time to waste. For this reason, she becameĀ an expert time manager. When she had a school assignment or project, no matter how challenging, she took it head on, squandering no precious time, Houston said.