Connecting the Dots: the Strategic Framework and our new community-based leadership structure

StrategicPlan_GoalsOver the last few weeks, you’ve heard us throw around phrases like ‘strategic framework,’ and ’community-based structure,’ and you’ve probably seen our latest announcement about new Community Superintendents and Executive Directors of School Support and Improvements. So, what does this all mean to you and your Metro Schools’ students? In a nutshell, it means Metro Schools is moving forward and better aligning resources with our students’ and community’s needs.

MNPS serves 88,000 students from all backgrounds every single day. We know we have real opportunities when it comes to strengthening the education of our students. For example, we had a concerted effort on literacy throughout the school year because we know our students need to be reading on grade level in order to be successful in every other area of their education.

One core goal of our Strategic Plan is “to create strong partnerships with our family members, guardians, and the community to collectively improve student outcomes and MNPS’ contribution to greater Nashville.”


Our current structure is organized by tier – elementary, middle and high – but we know that our communities are diverse and will benefit from community-specific leadership. So, effective next month, MNPS will transition to a community-based organizational structure.

So, what do we gain by changing this leadership structure? What does your child gain?

By dedicating one community superintendent, an executive director of school support and improvement and other staff to support him/her to each geographic quadrant of the city, the district will be able to better respond to specific, unique community needs and will be able to work collaboratively with other community partners towards the same goal: to deliver a great public education to every student, every day. This new structure will also create stronger connections between the elementary, middle and high schools in each community by providing leadership that spans all grade levels.

Research shows that when families and guardians are actively involved in their children’s educations, academic performance improves. With a community-based model and dedicated leadership structures in different geographic quadrants across the city, Metro Schools leadership will be able to engage with family members more often and provide better support and communications.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ and through this structure, Metro Schools will be able to partner with our community leaders and families to educate the children of all of Nashville’s unique communities.