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Metro Schools' community school work receives two national awards in DC

P1140383 Metro Schools was recently honored in Washington, D.C. by the Coalition for Community Schools, receiving two national awards for its community schools work over the past five years. The Community School model is a national movement that aligns community resources with school-level supports to remove barriers to learning and helps students thrive in school and in life.

Metro Schools’ Community Achieves initiative received the Community Schools 2017 Award for Excellence, and Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School was awarded the Individual Community School Award.

Community Achieves and Pearl-Cohn staff attended the Coalition for Community Schools Award Symposium in Washington, D.C. on June 5 to accept the awards and participate in panels with school leaders from across the country.

“This award honors all of the principals, site managers, partners and families in MNPS that work together toward positive outcomes for students. It is a testament to what can happen when communities get behind schools,” said Alison McArthur, Community Achieves coordinator. Currently, there are 24 Community Achieves schools in Metro Schools.

The group also spent time on Capitol Hill, meeting with staff from the offices of Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Bob Corker and Representative Jim Cooper to discuss the importance of continuing support for community schools.

The Community School model helps schools improve, according to Dr. Tony Majors, executive officer of support services. “Schools face the unbelievable challenge of improving the academic performance of their students, regardless of the students personal, socio-economic or environmental circumstances.  The Community School model provides the structure, process and support that schools and students need in order to address many of the non-academic factors that do ultimately impact academic performance and school climate.  These include health, attendance, discipline, culture and others,” Majors said.

“Community schools promote healthy communities by first acknowledging the areas of concern and then by prioritizing the schools’ efforts, followed by engaging the community and community agencies to assist the school in their efforts,” Majors added. “By honestly assessing the need and collaboratively working with stakeholders, the model does promote awareness and prioritization around the development of social and emotionally supportive schools and collaboration to restore communities through shared responsibility.”

“Metro Schools has made crucial investments in resources and coordinators for Community Achieves to sustain the important work of supporting all learners in the district,” said Dr. Shawn Joseph, director of schools.

Congratulations to Community Achieves and Pearl-Cohn for receiving this impressive national recognition for their work!

Check out photos from the trip: