Tips for avoiding learning loss over the summer

image02582 While summer gives teachers and students a well-deserved rest, the long break can also reverse some of the valuable learning that took place over the past school year. Eighty-five percent of the achievement gap can be attributed to summer learning loss among all student populations.

Learning loss, the loss of academic knowledge over the summer, is problematic, but here are several ways that parents can prevent it:

  1. Commit to a summer reading list. Reading is the area most widely affected by learning loss, but research shows that reading even five or six books over the course of the summer can improve your child’s literacy skills. Take turns reading with your child so they can practice reading out loud to you.
  2. Visit the library. Summer is the perfect time for your child to explore new topics and genres. A summer trip to one of the Nashville Public Library branches may ignite an undiscovered passion.
  3. Have an educational adventure. Nashville is full of fun places to learn. From the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Frist Center for Visual Arts to the Tennessee State Museum and Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, spend an afternoon exploring and discussing these venues.
  4. Nurture learning in nature. Nashville’s local parks are full of fun learning opportunities. For even more of the great outdoors, admission is free at the Warner Park Nature Center.

Every child and age is different, so do what works best for your child! For additional tips and resources check out the Parent Toolkit.