Share your thoughts on our student and school characteristics

In December, Dr. Joseph and his leadership team asked staff and the community for their input on MNPS’ new mission, vision and core values statements. After reviewing the feedback from the community-wide survey, the Board of Education revised each statement and formally adopted them during the Jan. 24 Board Meeting. The survey results showed the majority of staff agreed the new statements provide a positive starting point for improving education for all students. Your involvement was appreciated — cementing these statements with the support of employees and the Board provides a strong base and direction to move forward with the rest of the strategic planning process. 


During a Board Meeting last month, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Monique Felder and Chief of Schools Dr. Sito Narcisse presented the next step of the strategic planning process: determining the characteristics of a successful student and a great school. 

Creating characteristics for MNPS students and schools will help leadership shape more rigorous curriculum needed to create successful students and great schools.

 Just as you played an integral role in shaping the mission, vision and core values, your insights are needed again for the creation of student and school characteristics.

The community is encouraged to view the student and school characteristics and provide feedback. Survey results will be reviewed by district leadership and will then be presented to the Board for additional edits, if necessary, before a formal vote to adopt these characteristics.