Metro Schools To Host Second Round of MNPS Next Meetings for Caldwell, Glenn and Murrell schools

Metro Schools will host a second round of meetings Nov. 7 and 8 to engage parents and community members around a proposal recommending the consolidation of Caldwell and Glenn Enhanced Option Schools, and the relocation of Murrell School into the Glenn building. Murrell will host the Nov. 7 meeting at its current location on 1450 14th Avenue South at 10 a.m. A joint meeting for Caldwell and Glenn families will be held Nov. 8, 6 p.m. at the Caldwell building, located at 244 Foster Street.

The recommendations are part of the MNPS Next initiative, a district-wide effort that aims to improve access, equity and efficiency in academic programming and use of facilities. MNPS Next is designed to support the improvement of student outcomes, increase resources and fiscal efficiencies as well as increase MNPS market share and desirability among potential families.

If approved, the change to combine Caldwell and Glenn, and relocate Murrell, would take effect in the 2018-19 school year. The Metropolitan Nashville Board of Education heard the recommendation at its Oct. 24 meeting and will take an official vote Nov. 28.

Currently, enrollment at both Caldwell and Glenn are significantly below each building’s capacity and the two schools are just a mile away from one another serving the same community. Caldwell, the larger of the two schools, would aptly accommodate all students if the merger is approved creating a total enrollment of 413 students to operate at 98.8 percent capacity. In addition, by combining the schools, it would allow the district to provide additional resources and staff talent to support academic priorities such as literacy, technology instruction, math, science, and the arts.

Murrell is in dire need of renovations totaling nearly $10 million. The Glenn building is a more modern facility and requires a much smaller investment for a new HVAC system and minor modifications to meet the specific needs of Murrell students and families. The relocation would allow the district to save the capital expense tied to renovations that can be repurposed to support programs and services.

The district is encouraging parents, guardians and partners to share ideas and concerns. These meetings will provide a as we explore the best options for leveraging partnerships, resources and programs offered in these school communities.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Damon Cathey
Community Superintendent
Northeast Quadrant (Caldwell & Glenn)
(615) 259-8550

Dr. Dottie Critchlow
Community Superintendent
Southwest Quadrant (Murrell)
(615) 259-8697