Metro Schools Presents Proposed 2017-2018 Budget to Board of Education

The proposed 2017-2018 operating budget for MNPS includes a request for a 7.1% increase to fund increases in salaries and benefits, expand programs and hire additional positions to support English Learners, advanced academics, the district’s literacy focus, and central office and support staff.  Dr. Joseph presented the draft to the Board during a special session Tuesday, March 14. The presentation gives an overview of the district’s budget priorities and new initiatives.

The proposed $902.8 million plan has five areas of focus:

Of the budget total, $493 million is allocated directly to schools based on student-based budgeting formulas.  The plan also would add 171.4 full-time and part-time positions across the district, provide funding for classroom libraries in elementary schools where English-Language Arts scores are in the bottom 10% of the district, redesign curriculum to align with state standards and provide resources for teachers in developing effective lesson plans, and several other specific expenditures to support the five priorities listed above. The budget proposal represents an increase of $59.9 million more than the 2016-17 budget.


“This budget represents where we need to allocate our resources based on an honest assessment of our students’ needs and our priorities,” said Dr. Joseph.  “The input from the Transition Team recommendations, from families at Listen & Learn sessions, from staff and, very importantly, our district data of student performance have all been considered in this plan.”

To learn more about the Metro Schools budgeting process, visit the Budgets webpage on 


The School Board’s Budget and Finance Committee will be reviewing and discussing the proposal in the coming weeks.  The full Board is scheduled to consider the request at its April 11 meeting.