Metro Schools students invited to perform in Charlottesville

In the wake of the attack in Charlottesville, a group of Metro Schools students wanted to show their love and support for the Charlottesville community.

Along with Pearl-Cohn Magnet High School music teacher Cedric Caldwell, students Yaubryon Chambers (Pearl-Cohn), Trent McCrary (Overton High School), Tiyanna Gentry (Hillsboro High School), Elijah Simmons (Pearl-Cohn) and Jess Clements (Overton) recorded the song “Right Now (We Need One Another)” and put together a heartwarming video message for Charlottesville.

Chad Prather, a Charlottesville native and teacher at Pearl-Cohn, sent the video to a friend who teaches at Charlottesville High School. The song of encouragement was well-received by the school and ultimately caught the attention of Laura Thomas, the school’s orchestra director. Under her direction, the school’s orchestra learned “Right Now (We Need One Another)” and invited the five Metro Schools students to Charlottesville..

The two groups of student musicians came together on Friday, Sept. 15, to perform the song at a school-wide assembly at Charlotteville High School. The following day the Metro Schools students, along with some Charlottesville High School choir members, performed at various locations around the city – including the street where the attack happened just a few weeks prior.

Watch a video of the performance here.

This is a wonderful example of the impact students can make when they use their passions to inspire others. Thank you to the city of Charlottesville for inviting and hosting our students!

See photos from the students’ visit below.