Celebrating National School Counselor Week: Dr. Beth Schroeder

This week, Metro Schools is celebrating our school counselors in honor of National School Counselor Week. nationalschoolcounselingweek

School counselors across our district impact our students lives everyday. Dr. Beth Schroeder, Fall-Hamilton Elementary School’s counselor, focuses on helping students find their inner leader.

Two years ago, Fall-Hamilton was awarded a grant to implement The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into their curriculum. Among other positive mindsets, The 7 Habits teaches students to find their own personal victories. Schroeder emphasizes that this victory could be something as simple as being a line leader. No matter what they choose to lead, Schroeder hopes to help students find that belief in themselves. Along with developing the children’s confidence, Schroeder’s favorite part of being a counselor is figuring out a student’s personal needs and how she can best fill those.

“Dr. Schroeder is 100 percent about meeting the needs of all students,” said Principal Mathew Portell. “She connects with the adults and students to ensure Fall-Hamilton is a place where everyone wants to be.”

And MNPS is a place that Schroeder herself wants to be — she has been a school counselor with MNPS for more than ten years, but she started her career as a social worker.

“I decided I wanted to counsel kids because I believe prevention is the key to success with mental and emotional health. I wanted to be a part of that proactive side,” Schroeder said. “If the problem is identified early that is where we can really make a difference.”

Schroeder works every day with the mindset of connecting with people’s humanness—meeting the students and parents where they are and remembering that each situation must be handled with kindness and equity. Fall-Hamilton is a trauma- informed school, meaning the adults in the school community are trained and prepared to recognize and respond to those who have been impacted by traumatic events. Students are also provided with clear expectations and communication strategies to guide them through stressful situations. At Fall-Hamilton their goal is to not only provide tools to cope with extreme situations but to create an underlying culture of respect and support.

Over the last few months, Edutopia has spent time at Fall-Hamilton documenting their approach to social and emotional learning. Check out this video to learn more about those efforts: