#MNPSVoices: Jenny Bobbitt, Teacher

MNPSVoices_022118_JenniferBobbitt Jenny Bobbitt took an unusual path to becoming a teacher – on roller skates.

Before beginning her career at Metro Nashville Public Schools, Bobbitt spent her time working at a restaurant to pay off student loans and playing a sport she loved: roller derby.

“Roller derby taught me so much about myself,” Bobbitt said. “I have taken many lessons from derby over to my teaching career. One element is ‘head on a swivel.’ I am always aware of my students and have an eye on everything they do. Teamwork is another element. It's important to know how to work as a team and to understand that you are stronger as a unit instead of alone.”

Bobbitt joined MNPS in 2014 and is currently a fourth grade teacher at Shayne Elementary School. She first joined Shayne as a temporary fourth grade English Language Arts teacher and immediately fell in love with the school.

“I prayed every day that a position would open at Shayne for the coming year,” Bobbitt said. “To my luck not only did a position open, but it was with the same amazing fourth grade team. Shayne is one of those great schools that once you’re a Shayne Star, you will always want to be a Shayne Star teacher.”

After nine years of roller derby, Bobbitt finally hung up her skates for good to focus on teaching and enjoying time with her family. Although she’s no longer skating as Maulin Monroe (Bobbitt’s roller derby character based on Marilyn Monroe) for the Nashville Roller Girls, she’s still finding joy as a teacher.

“My favorite thing about teaching is being able to make an impact in a child's life,” Bobbitt said. “I like knowing that at the end of the day I taught someone something new.”

Bobbitt also adds that her inspiration to become a teacher came from her first MNPS experience – as a student.

“I went to elementary school at Lakeview Elementary,” she said. “It was my excellent teachers there who inspired me later in life to choose education as my profession.”

Bobbitt is looking forward to wrapping up another great school year at Shayne and marrying her fiancé, John, this summer.

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