#MNPSVoices: Blake Bachman, Family Services Liaison

MNPSVoices_022818_BlakeBachman-2 Who would have guessed that one of the voices you hear when you call Metro Nashville Public Schools is that of a rock star? Blake Bachman started his career in MNPS similar to other Central Office employees, working at a school. However, unlike other employees, Bachman spent the earlier part of his life making music, touring the country and making rock videos.

“I was in a band called Dillinger in the 1990s and we had moderate success,” Bachman said.

Bachman spent most of his childhood in Trancas, California near Malibu where his immediate family has and continues to be involved in the entertainment business.

“My father was an animator who helped develop the original Fat Albert cartoon. My older brother was a cinematographer who filmed many popular commercials. My older sister is a make-up artist and currently working on the show, Superior Donuts and, my younger brother plays music in Hollywood,” he said.

Bachman’s apple did not fall far from his talented family’s tree. He and his band released an album called Horses and Hawgs on JRS Records and had a hit song, “Home for Better Days.”

“Our songs were played in medium rotation around the country and here in Nashville on WKDF back when they were a rock station,” Bachman said. After his record label folded, he decided to move to Nashville in hopes of continuing his music career. After little success, he settled down, married and started a family - this is when his career switched gears.

Bachman opened several businesses in Nashville, including a mortgage company. When the housing market crashed in 2008, he was forced to close his company. This was the beginning of his career with Metro Schools.

Bachman started out at Margaret Allen Middle School before transitioning to the Family Information Center at the Central Office. He serves as one of the Family Liaisons within the department where he keeps current on district policies and assists families find solutions to concerns they have within the school district.

“I have always enjoyed helping people and solving problems and my current position offers an opportunity to do both of these,” Bachman said.

For nearly 10 years, Bachman has worked with the school district and said he thoroughly enjoys his position, which allows him the flexibility to be creative. He has always been interested in HTMLs and writing codes for websites so he developed an internal program for the Family Information Center called BLUS. BLUS provides rapid responses to frequently asked questions providing a swifter reply time to customers and families.

“We have molded our department into focusing more on parents and students and meeting their needs,” he said.

While Bachman no longer appears on television shows like Studio 54 with Jack Lemmon, he continues his passion for music by playing local gigs in Nashville and surrounding areas. He believes that as long as he has an outlet to play music he has the best of both worlds – serving parents and students and fulling his dreams of playing music for his fans.  “I enjoy playing, it feeds my soul,” he said.