Metro Schools highlights STEAM work with STEAM Family Nights

DX7iFpmVoAIeya7 Bringing STEAM – its inspiration and innovation – to life. That’s the goal for STEAM Family Nights.

For the last four weeks Metro Nashville Public Schools’ eighteen STEAM middle schools have hosted students, families and community partners for interactive, energetic events to showcase its STEAM program.

During each night, families have an opportunity to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) curriculum with interesting and exciting hands-on activities that focus on creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Families and students visit different stations, each with a unique activity to complete. The activity at each station demonstrates how STEAM education is inspiring our students in the classroom and preparing them to succeed in high school, college and career.

Creswell School of the Arts was one of the first Phase I schools to host a STEAM Family Night and invite families to experience STEAM first-hand.

“It was so exciting to see parents get excited and get involved in STEAM activities. This type of learning is new for our families and STEAM Night allowed our families to see what is happening new in the middle grades,” said Trellany Lane, principal at Creswell Middle School of the Arts.  “We saw parents who were tenacious, competitive, creative and eager to approach learning in a different way.”

What was the crowd’s favorite activity at Creswell? The aluminum foil tower, said Lane.

“We had parents who would not leave the room until they had the highest structure,” Lane said. “Schools rarely create opportunities for children and parents to create and engage with content and STEAM [family] Night allowed school and family to interact in a manner that I hope will continue.”

We still have a few weeks left – join us at an upcoming STEAM Family Night:

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