'We Are Nashville’ event celebrates diversity through the voices of our youngest students

2 On Friday, March 16, more than 150 of our youngest learners from three elementary schools joined in celebration of Nashville and the city’s rich culture.

We Are Nashville has one goal: to ignite a passion and love for diversity in Nashville thought the young hearts and voices of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) students. Students were immersed in various musical traditions from the many cultures represented throughout the school district.


“We really want our students to do more than just notice physical and cultural differences,” said Bryson Finney, one of six MNPS employees that worked together to create this event, “Our goal is to teach them to appreciate and celebrate diversity and to learn from those around them.”

Throughout the fall semester, students from Granbery Elementary School, Andrew Jackson Elementary School, Thomas Edison Elementary School and Nashville School of the Arts participated in joint rehearsals and were given the opportunity to collaborate, communicate, perform and build relationships with students from all over the district.


After months of hard work, students gathered for a Day of Music at Christ Church Nashville and later performed for the community, their families and their friends.

As a finale, students even performed their theme song We Are Nashville, an original song written by Metro Schools’ Bryson Finney to a full audience.


One of our district’s Core Values is Diversity. Metro Schools is committed to ensuring all students value, respect and celebrate students, staff and educators from different backgrounds. ‘We Are Nashville’ is one example of that Core Value in action.

We Are Nashville was organized by these MNPS music educators and employees:

  • Christopher Blackmon
  • Ann Marie Morris
  • Franklin Willis
  • Kathryn Affainie
  • Nita Smith
  • Bryson Finney

The event was sponsored by Kevin Stacy, MNPS executive director of English Learners, Dr. Nola Jones, director of Music Makes Us and Mr. Jason Walsh Coordinator of MNPS performing arts.