Breaking Down the Budget: Our 2018-2019 Budget Proposal

image02902.JPG Metro Schools will focus on Our Students and Our People in the 2018-19 operating budget, with the majority of spending aimed at improving equity and excellence across the district.

Over the next few days, we will break down each priority area of next year’s operating budget request.

Overview of the Budget Proposal

We must be committed to looking at our work through an equity lens at all times—removing social, economic and other obstacles that disadvantage children from succeeding in school -- and we must be committed to creating excellence by design, with intentional and strategic investments and emphasis that improve student outcomes.

Our priorities reflected in the 2018-2019 operating budget proposal include:

  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Literacy
  • Employee Compensation

Our Students

We plan to invest additional resources into social and emotional learning to address the many needs our students bring with them to the classroom, while also addressing attendance and a need for additional counseling supports to ensure our students have what they need to be college and career ready. To do this, we will add five new positions that will support and train our teachers and we will realign 35 existing positions to better serve the needs of our students and schools.

We’re also increasing our student-based budgeting investment for the second year in a row. This year, schools will receive $449,7 million through the student-based budgeting allocation, which is $14.2 million more than last year. In addition, $5.2 million more dollars will be allocated specifically to meet the needs of our special education students and $2 million will be invested in our English Language Learners.

In an effort to strategically use our resources to support the work of social and emotional learning with the district’s quadrant-based model, 35 existing positions in student support services will be repurposed to better serve our schools and students to support priorities identified in the district’s Strategic Plan. These changes will create more accountability, structure and support to clusters and quadrants around SEL.

Student-Related Priorities:

  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Literacy

Our People

More than 11,000 employees support the work of our district every day. Investing in our employees is a priority to ensure we recruit and retain the highest-quality staff. Through this proposal, the district is increasing compensation for all staff, while also looking specifically at para-educator salaries.

Employee-Related Priorities:

MNPS will invest $24,584,700 in our workforce in 2018-2019, including:

  • a 2 percent cost of living increase for all employees,
  • step increases for eligible employees, and
  • increasing para-professional pay by two pay grades.

View the Full 2018-2019 Budget Proposal