#MNPSco2018: Cin Tuang, The Academy at Old Cockrill

Cin Tuang Picture

Cin Tuang Picture

Cin Tuang moved from Burma to the United States seven years ago with his family, and since then he has exemplified exactly what the American dream is all about.

As an English Language Learner, Tuang has worked tirelessly during his time in MNPS to improve his skills in reading and writing and has excelled in the area of math, impressing many of his teachers.

"I met Cin Tuang in January," said Judith Meeker, one of Tuang's teachers. "He had just begun at The Academy at Old Cockrill and was a hard-working English Language student with a great sense of humor. I watched him complete class after class. Soon, it looked like Cin would be able to finish and make the May graduation."

Meeker credits Tuang's challenging personal experiences as the reason for his persistent and hard-working spirit.

"[At the age of eight], he and his brother stayed in Burma while his parents went on to Kuala Lumpur to work and save money to get the family to America," said Meeker. "Cin worked at a mechanic shop cleaning up while his little brother sat outside waiting for his shift to over. They lived nearby in a cabin. A kind customer followed them home and gave them a couch to sleep on. When his parents earned enough money, they contacted relatives to bring the children to Kuala Lumpur and then on to America."

Tuang has also dealt with personal challenges since moving to the United States. His mother has been battling lymphoma and has frequently been in and out of the hospital. He takes turns with his father and brother sleeping at the hospital, and when his mother is home he stays up late caring for her.

Today, May 22, Tuang will graduate from The Academy at Old Cockrill. He plans to attend Nashville State where he will be studying mechatronics.

Congratulations to this inspiring student on achieving his dreams!