#MNPSVoices: Karon Fairs, Senior Secretary - Athletics



Karon Fairs is a fairly new face to Metro Nashville Public Schools, but she’s no stranger to sports. Fairs, who was named senior secretary for the district’s Athletic Department just over a year ago, said, “I love sports, I love people and I love my job.”

Her recent appointment with the school district is new but she has a long history with Nashville’s public school system. Born and raised in Nashville, Fairs attended Alex Green Elementary and Cumberland Middle Schools. She graduated from Whites Creek High School and then attended Tennessee State University, where she also worked for 11 years in the Human Performance and Sport Science Department.

During her tenure as a student in Metro Schools, she played in the band for eight years, but her number one passion was playing sports.

“I wasn’t just a student; I was a student-athlete,” Fairs said. “I ran track in the 440-relay, the hurdles and the 100-yard dash.”

In her current role in the MNPS Athletics Department, Fairs believes she has found her sweet spot. She plays a key role in the execution of the day-to-day activities. Not one day goes by without Fairs speaking with a school’s athletic director, a coach or principal to make sure that upcoming sporting events, as well as all student-athletes, are in compliance with Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) rules and MNPS standards and policies. In addition, she works to assure that schools have public safety presence, such as police officers and EMTs, available at sporting events for the safety of students as well as the fans. Fairs also makes sure that all sporting equipment ordered for schools meets the guidelines for TSSAA and MNPS to provide the safest equipment possible for students.

“I like having the opportunity to connect with people and provide good customer service,” Fairs said. “I don’t get to attend all the games but I interact with schools all the time. I have three children who are athletes and two of my daughters play sports in Metro Schools, so I also spend most of my time supporting them and their schools.”

Additionally, Fairs gets to plan special events for the Athletic Department such as the Hall of Fame Luncheon. When she is not attending MNPS sporting events, she spends her time shopping and attending professional sporting events with her husband and three children.