MNPS Fall 2017 School Climate Survey Results

Unique to MNPS’ strategic framework, Characteristics of a Great School describe those elements that research and practice have shown to improve student achievement and a school’s culture and climate. In MNPS, we want every school to be a great school.

To achieve that goal, we set out last to measure school climate-- to improve climate it must be measured first. We launched a survey that asked teachers, staff and students how they felt about certain aspects of our schools. For example, teachers were asked about their relationships with students’ families while students were asked about student engagement. Staff were asked a different set of questions.

Together, their answers make up the Fall 2017 MNPS School Climate Survey and we will use this information as a basis to measure our work. This spring, we will survey parents to gather their feedback and plans are for these surveys to become an annual process to allow us to track and measure progress. We know we have work to do, but now we have a roadmap to guide our efforts. Here are a few takeaways from the survey:

MNPS School Climate Survey Findings:

  • The most favorable responses from both teachers and other school staff pertained to the school climate.
  • Teachers had high favorability for educating all students – or readiness to address issues of diversity.
  • The least favorable responses among school staff were to questions pertaining to school resources.
  • MNPS teacher responses were comparable to the national average for all question responses with comparison data.
  • Student responses were most favorable for academic rigor.
  • School engagement reported by students was a little below the national average.

Below you’ll see some of the questions we did relatively well compared to national averages. Still others, you’ll see there is opportunity for growth.

Teacher/Classroom-Based Staff Overall Favorabilit

School Climate Survey 1.png

Teacher Survey: School Climate Questions (Relative Strength)

School Climate Survey 2.png

Teacher Survey: Resources Questions (Opportunity)

School Climate Survey 3.png

Non-Classroom-Based Staff Overall Favorability

School Climate Survey 4.png

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Student Overall Favorability

School Climate Survey 5.png

Student Survey: Academic Press Questions (Relative Strength)

School Climate Survey 6.png

Student Survey: School Engagement Questions (Opportunity)

School Climate Survey 7.png

Student Survey: School Safety Questions (Opportunity)

School Climate Survey 8.png