How Metro Schools is Preparing for Extremely Cold Temperatures

You don’t need us to tell you – it’s cold outside.

Our staff has been hard at work over the last few days preparing for a safe return to school for our students tomorrow. Our bus drivers have completed test runs, our transportation team has inspected buses and replaced batteries where necessary, and our staff will be on standby to quickly respond to any issues that may arise.

Inside our buildings, maintenance staff has worked to address heating and water issues. Over the break, we remotely monitored indoor temperatures and potential issues. Crews have worked on these issues and will continue to do so until resolved. With this extreme cold, even if functioning properly, the heating units may not keep the buildings as warm as usual and buses may experience mechanical issues tomorrow.

Pennington Elementary is under construction and the heating system in the north wing is shut down as part of the renovation. A mechanical engineer designed a plan for temporary heating for those classrooms and we are monitoring temperatures in that area of the school. Supplemental heating will be added as needed.

You can help to prepare students for the cold weather by dressing with warm layers and covering any exposed skin with gloves and hats.